The Sit In

Winter Cycle

The sit in
and the standing up
builds up

Choosing a room to record for its history, not its rockwool, keeping the creaks in, warped tunings, the hum of the M74.

Helen Kyle!

Remembering playing shows (20 years ago) at Bradford’s 1 in 12 as we improvised in the very same space. Now quiet as we wait to record.

Unemployed workers and the reworkings

Celebrating A Winter Cycle Redux – Jer and Stevie with dancers Monica de Ioanni and Rosalind Masson.

An economy without money, a flow of exchange

Sue Tompkins’ sound piece finishing seconds before we played, George Burt solo moments after.

Knee deep in the music

Feeling like a chamber group playing before Acid Mothers Temple.

The sit in
and the standing up
builds up

Protag was a long serving sound engineer and organiser at the 1 in 12.

Helen Kyle was one of the main organisers of the sit in at Kinning Park.

The sea changes
The glassy black liquid
The cause and effect

Layering Anne Marie’s script over and over itself, with Esther and Jenny – descending lines in a cold cinema in Edinburgh.

The feeling of light in (the) room & the pauses & silence

Practicing in CafĂ© Oto’s back hall with Alice Eldridge … she walks on carefully dragging her cello spike along the stone floor.

Bravest Boat